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Nathan Byrne is a main character in the Netflix Original, The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself. The bastard son of the feared Marcus Edge, Nathan struggles with his identity as a Blood Witch and the possibility that he may turn out like his father. Nathan must also navigate the struggles of living up to the prophecy of killing his father.


Upbringing and Tests

Nathan has a difficult upbringing after the death of his mother. He is taken by the Fairborn Council and forced to live with his aunt, Esmie, and his sister, Jessica Byrn, the latter who has a distinct hate for him and everything he stands for — particularly, she blames him for the death of their mother, and believes that he is evil due to the possibility of him being a Blood Witch.

Each month of his childhood — and up until his Giving Day — Nathan was visited by Ceelia on behalf of the Council. Ceelia would ask him questions to test whether he was exhibiting characteristics of a Blood Witch. Such questions involved asking if Nathan had violent dreams, thoughts about hurting other witches or if he could hear heartbeats; this was a common trait among Blood Witches like his father, Marcus Edge, who could steal the abilities of other witches by eating their hearts.

Eventually, Nathan began hearing the heartbeats of those around him and became particularly worried about this. This was accompanied by an increasing violent temperment towards those that offended him. These violent outbursts, however, were mostly due to the taunting he recieved from other witches who pushed him to display violence in the hope that this would make him a target of the Fairborn Council. Eventually, Nathan snapped and beat a boy at school. This forced the Fairborn Council to intervene to protect witches from Nathan, whom they percieved to be a threat just like his father.

Unbeknownst to the Fairborn Council, however, Nathan had become particularly close, and developed feelings for, Annalise O'Brien, who is also the daugther of a sitting Council member, Soul O'Brien.

Training by the Fairborn Council

Powers and Abilities

  • Power Absorbtion: Nathan has the ability to consume and absorb powers of other witches, both Fairborn and Blood alike by eating their hearts. Users of this ability can consume infinite number of abilities and such witches have held the powers of hundreds of witches. Nathan is able to use each ability individually like it was his own.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Due to his ability to absorb abilities by eating hearts, Nathan's hearing is greately enhanced and he is able to hear the heartbeats of nearby witches.


Season 1


  • Nathan's sexuality is currently unknown, it is possible that he is bisexual. In Episode 8, he kisses Gabriel, but before this, they have visible on-screen chemistry.[1]


  1. In Episode 7, Nathan asks how to get his name into Gabriel's book. It is known before this, or hinted at, that the names in the book are all names of people that Gabriel has been in a relationship with.
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